Friday, August 10, 2007

Movie Review of "Chak De India"

Like all the SRK movies, Chak De India also hit the movie halls with a lot of hype and expectations. And unlike the other hyped projects of bollywood, this movie DOES live up to all the expectations in each and every department. As far as sports movies goes, bollywood has not offered enough good options till the date, except for Lagaan and Iqubal. But, those movies enacted battle of their respective main characters and were far from realistic. Here, SRK and the hockey team is shown fighting against the authorities and the stereotype mindsets prevailing about hockey (and women’s sports in general), which makes it more believable and thereby, more entertaining. Here goes the review.

The Plot:

Kabir Khan (SRK) is a former hockey player, who happens to commit a sin by losing a final world cup match against Pakistan. After the big loss, his mistake in the final match costs him his career and his honor. He is accused of match fixing by media and his patriotism is questioned as well. After the gap of 7 years, he decides to earn his lost honor, and thereby, takes the challenge of preparing extremely weak Indian Women’s Hockey Team for world cup, by becoming team’s coach. The rest of the story revolves around how SRK and the hockey team achieve their goal of winning the World Cup.


This movie undoubtedly belongs to SRK. He effortlessly plays the character of a man who’s passionate about the game. SRK is so natural and flawless as a hockey coach that you get the feeling that no other bollywood actor is capable of performing such role so convincingly as him. He looks as fit as a real sportsman. His charisma and energy are perfectly suited for this role and he has done 100% justice to the character of Kabir Khan. His earnestness in the role comes from a fact that SRK has sports in his blood and it has resulted in a marvelous performance.

Rest of the cast of the movie consists of new and passable actors but the girls manage to perform their characters well without being overshadowed by the presence of SRK; thanks to the strong story line.

There is not a single dull moment in the movie and the flow of story is very lucid. Characterization is perfect and movie doesn’t fail to entertain you in any sequence; be it SRK building team spirit, girls’ fights, girls’ bonding or the hockey matches. The last shot of world cup final match is simply breath taking.

Kudos to “Yash Raj Films” for selecting sports as a subject in mainstream commercial hindi movie. Sports in India has not been given its due importance except for cricket, which is a virtual “religion”. And as far as women’s sports are concerned; lesser said better it is. In such scenario, filming a women’s hockey team battle is commendable. This movie is capable of reliving people’s lost interest in hockey. Director Shimit Amin has done a fantastic job.

Music is good and supports the movie well. All the girls have given a sincere performance and Punjabi kudi Balbir is quite entertaining.


None…As I felt

Watch this movie IF:

· You are a SRK fan. He is amazing and as long as he is on screen, you can’t keep your eyes off him. He looks Hot with his beard...

· You are NOT a SRK fan. His performance in this movie will explain you why he is called the “King Khan” of bollywood. He single handedly carries the movie on his “king sized” shoulders.

Avoid this movie IF:

· You only enjoy typical bollywood masaala movies containing love stories, songs and item numbers.

· Your brain lacks enough grey cells.

· You don’t enjoy sensible and creative cinema.


Don’t miss it. A good bollywood movie after a long time!

Thanks for reading the review and God bless u all.