Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Let’s imagine the scenario where you are shopping in a mall and suddenly, someone who you haven’t met in say, 10 years bumps into you. It could be a school buddy, an ex coworker, an old friend, ex lover; basically someone who’s not in your life anymore. How would you react? Would you ignore him/her? Would you greet him/her and recollect the time you both had shared or you’d walk away saying a curt “Hello”?

The people we meet, the conversations we have do have an impact on us and that’s why it’s quite important to be careful about the people who we associate ourselves with.

My suggestion is: If that person reminds you of some happy times spent in past, then it’s okay to re-connect. But if the memories associated with that person are not so nice such as a bad relationship, a bad job, a heart break, disappointing time then it’s best to ignore them.

Many people have the assumption that the best friendships of our lives are the ones formed during school/college times. I do not agree with it. Besides, during childhood days, our exposure to the life is too narrow and hence, the friendships formed during those years cannot be taken ahead once we grow up, unless after growing up, your wavelengths still match. My best friends are the people who I met after finishing my studies. None of them comprise of my school/college buddies and all of them are wonderful humans. I don’t feel the need to know someone since years to be able to make friends with them. They should just be able to strike a rapport with me and should be able to gain my trust. (which is very hardJ)

“Old is Gold” just doesn’t hold true as far as the friendships are concerned. Friendships are supposed to help you grow as a person; they are supposed to give you optimism for life. If they are not doing that, they are simply not worth your time. Open your mind, get out of your "frog in the well" mentality and try making new connections. Just because you know someone since 20 years, doesn’t mean he/she is your closest friend.

Your thoughts/opinions are welcome.