Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Favourite Websites

Hi All, Internet has become a vital part of our daily lives and if used constructively, it can enrich your life immensely. You can get virtually any sort information, provided you have time and patience to surf thoroughly. Here, I’m presenting a list of my favourite websites which I find immensely helpful and can work for you as well.

1> First is our very own It’s a great platform to share your opinions about different consumer products or the other issues that invoke your interest. The best thing about this site is: reviews/articles are written by the real people like you and me and not by so called “experts”. It’s a good place to develop your writing skills and network with good writers. But I don’t understand why it’s called “Mouth Shut”. Since it encourages consumers to “speak up” and voice their concerns. The site sometimes encourages companies to communicate and answer consumers’ complains. (Check out corporate blogs) So, no body’s “mouth” is really getting “shut” over here. :)

2> Ultimate– This site is a blessing for all the Guitar junkies like me. It has a huge database of chords, tabs of numerous songs. You can locate chords of almost all the English songs here. In 90% cases, the chords are accurate. You can of course change the scales as per your preference. The quality of chords is much better than that of tabs. You can also see the chord diagrams here, which makes it very user friendly. If you play Guitar, don’t forget to add this site to your Favourites list.

(To non-musicians, excuse me for using musical terminology…)

3> This is the Indian version of ultimate–guitar where you can locate chords and tabs of Hindi songs. It’s pretty useful, but not as accurate as ultimate – guitar. You’ll find many versions of same song here. If you can have patience for browsing through different posts and trying out different scales/chords, this site can be quite useful.

4> This is a completely different from the previous sites. It contains Steve Pavlina’s personal development blogs. Steve is Las Vegas based writer/blogger. Generally, I do not read self help jargon and find it pretty useless. Most of the self proclaimed “life coaches” present unreal and exaggerated theories which are precisely, just “theories” with nil practical use. But Steve’s blogs are pleasant exception. This guy surely knows his stuff and writes complete truth. My favourite article from this site is “10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job”. Steve’s articles are very straightforward and practical to the core. He has written articles about almost all the aspects of life, ranging from simple articles about cooking to complicated relationship issues. Recommended for everyone.

5> It’s a video sharing site and a bit controversial for its possible “misuse”. Here, I’ll concentrate on the positive aspects of Youtube is a revolution in itself; you can virtually share any videos be it your family function, your talents, or just your thoughts with the entire world. It’s best for “How To” videos (for e.g. how to exercise, how to cook, how to play a particular musical instrument etc.), News clips, Movie clips, Song clips, Concert Clips, and TV show clips etc. I use it extensively for its useful Guitar videos.

As far as its objectionable content is concerned, it’s a side effect of technological progress. Some perverts use mobile phones also to transfer offensive content, but that doesn’t stop us from using it constructively.

6> Orkut is a social networking site; it is a twin brother of, which is considered more popular than However, Facebook has never worked for me the way Orkut has. I reunited with so many of my college mates, school mates, ex colleagues on Orkut, none of this happened on Facebook. Orkut’s also more user friendly. You can protect your scraps and pictures by access filters. Orkut also offers different “communities” which act as a great platform to network with people having similar interests.

7> This site offers systematic explanation on various topics such as technological terms, money matters, Astrology, Science, Psychology; you name it and you have it on this site. The best thing about it is: It explains complicated terminology in layman’s language very convincingly. The articles here are very well structured and classified. Its name is quite self explanatory, so if you want to know “how” certain “stuff” “works”, visit this site.

8> Wiki is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. It’s hugely popular because of its highly resourceful articles. You can find information on anything and everything under the sun. Be it books, celebrities, technology, songs, movies….the list is endless! There’s hardly any information that can not be found here. However, the articles here do not have any standard structure and are not categorized systematically, unlike The articles can be elaborate or short depending on their respective editors. I always resort to Wiki incase of information crisis and in 99% cases, Wiki has never disappointed me.

9> This is a technical Wikipedia; very useful for techies because of its vast collection of technological definitions (not articles). Its user friendly and lucid format makes it resourceful for non techies as well.

10> As the name suggests, it’s an online dictionary; highly useful for its simple explanations of English words and audio pronunciations. They also mail Word of the Day daily, very helpful for improving vocabulary.

11> And last but not the least is the God of internet Google has been my gateway to most of the sites I mentioned above. Google has become integral part of our lives; imagine what we would do without it!!! Countless books and articles have been written about the success story of Google. It’s so user friendly that even a 5 year old can use it quite comfortably. Google has revolutionarized internet and quite deservingly, it’s called the “Most powerful Brand” in the world.



Saravanan said...

Wow, that is a good collection. I didnt know about and site, will visit them regularly from now :)

Some more sites that I visit often: -> best site for travel can get to know abt everything :) -> i visit all three sites for the exact route. has this Directions (from,to) feature which is very useful. -> this is the first site I open everyday, mainly to find out if someone nearby is in need of blood and do the needful :)

I agree about Orkut/Facebook note, I was able to connect with many friends using Orkut and that time Facebook was unheard. Only after companies started blocking Orkut, Facebook was into picture :)

Nice collections overall...great job :)

Monish said...
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Monish said...

yeah is my fav too ...specially for techies its kind of like a cheatsheet isnt it ...all the technical answers u need and in the easiest of languages and in the most precise way :)))
Besides all this, I must admit, "gal, u write really good" ...ur writings have inspired me to upload some of my work too :))
reading ur articles were a joyride for me and im sure it is for every1 else who reads ur work ...:))
Keep up the gr8 work going :))

Anonymous said...

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