Friday, January 6, 2012


Defeat is not so evil, dear
It is a way of life that we bear
You can be safe once you surrender
The happiness will eventually render

Why take pain in creation
What you need is in abundance
Submission will fetch you accordance
Contentment will be your sentence

I try, make my way and yet comply
But the slave is what they crave
The universe is my shelter
And my spirit is my mentor

I gift your defeat to you
May your pleasures renew
My struggle is my ally
Your rules do not apply



Dom said...

Good One, Vaibhavi! Keep it up...

Javeed Ahmed M said...

A Universe Without Rulez....With Your Spirit as mentor....Where is this Place...Utopian World...

Hey Madam, What's the Mood Like...Sounds a Depressing Way to Start New Year...

Hope Soon You will come off your Blue Moods..

But Like the Lines..

Vaibhavi Joshi said...

Thanks Dom!

Vaibhavi Joshi said...

@ Jams

My mood is perfect. If you read carefully, there is a hidden optimism under the facade of "Depressing lines".


Ganesh Jayaraman said...

Good lines specially the last 4.

it is indeed a defeat if you allow others to set the rules of the game.

instead of struggling, gift this round to them and start a new game with your rules !

Vaibhavi Joshi said...

@Ganesh Jayaraman

Thanks for reading this and appreciating!