Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Poison

This is my attempt at poetry!

Here is a condition, that you will hold this notion
You will not retreat, not even cheat
Your loyalty will be rewarded
And the approval shall be awarded

We are the ones who made you and fed you
We are the ones who shielded you
The big bad world would have hounded you
The freedom will lure but with us, you are secure

Stay away from Alien, we will provide you Familiar
Familiar poison will suit you, alien bliss will cut you
The poison will grow in your vein, we will get our reign
We will protect you and disconnect your Soul

Our poison is your reality now, you’ll never know how
Your soul has dissolved and your blood is frozen
Do not worry, your future is chosen
You belong to your own poison



Javeed Ahmed M said...

Its sounds Dark.... What happened...Was not, the New Year a Bright Beginning?

Is it a Parrot or Is it our own soul ....? Or Is it About the Poison of Corruption? Oops!

Did You Say Its Your First Attempt...Then Its a Good One esp with the Rhyming of words...

condition - notion
retreat - cheat
lure - secure
vein - reign
dissolved - frozen

Anyway Thank You for Sharing the Lines with Us.

BTW ..Wishing a Happy New Year 2 U & Ur Family.

Bidhan Dave said...

Good attempt. Keep it up!

Vaibhavi Joshi said...

@ Jams

Thanks for putting your comments here as well, I really appreciate it.


Vaibhavi Joshi said...

Thanks Bidhan Mama.


Vikram said...

Interesting choice of words...

Vaibhavi Joshi said...

@ Vikram,

Thanks for dropping in buddy :)